Saturday, May 11, 2019

V the Mini-series - Welcome to Zikanga.......

Whilst the TV show concentrated on the US, the motherships appeared all around the globe and no part of the earth was untouched by the Visitor presence including the backwater that is 

Louis "legs" Akimbo cared little for the visitor presence all he saw was another faction who were looking to step on his turf.

The Visitors has started to widen their influence under key human individuals and were subject to Diana's mid control process called "conversion", which turned them into the visitors pawns. With senior leaders now under the control of the Visitors they inserted themselves amongst key organisations such as the UN and slowing brought them under their control.
Bringing the Visitors into direct conflict with Legs.

The UN and Visitors had set up an outpost in the heart of Leg's territory and the local peace was starting to interfere with his "tax" collecting operation.

Recently the Visitors had installed a pipeline running across the country, he had blown it up only to find it piping water - very strange?
As the |Visitors started to strengthen their grip on Zikanga it was time to teach them a lesson and take out the engineers who would come along to repair it.

Louis "Legs" Akimbo had amassed out a force including a couple of technicals and had spread his forces on three sides of the engineers and their PMC escort, they needed to strike hard before the shock troopers could come to their rescue.

Legs gang members sneak around the edge of the board ready to strike.

As the opening shots ring out the Visitors and the UN rush towards the engineering party.

The lead technical pulls onto the road and firers into the advancing defenders.

The UN squad takes a hit from the technical as the Visitors return fire from the emplacement.

A section of Shock Troopers head into the jungle to cut off Leg's flanking force.

The engineers sheltering behind the landrover are hit by an RPG round and a number of aliens are killed along with the PMC's sent to defend them.

Heading for the high ground the last of the alien engineers is brought down. There would be no functioning pipeline today.

Legs heads for home as the Security troopers move down the left flank.

The UN troopers are caught in the flank as the technicals push on. The HMG's tearing into the exposed defenders.

The Visitors close in, their blasters taking down the gang members as they tried to flee through the hinterland.

In a final act of violence babba yalyo fires off his RPG round and catches Diana in the blast, she takes a wound and her artificial skin is torn fortunately the gang members were not able to live long enough to share what they had witnessed. 

The technicals cover the remains of Leg's force has they withdraw. Mission accomplished the engineers were out of action and the pipeline was still broken. That would teach them.....

Is that Mike Donovan looking for his latest exclusive..... Did he catch Diana's unmasking on film?


  1. Great report on a fun looking skirmish game Stu - congratulations on getting Diana and co on to the table top so quickly after purchase and painting!

    1. It was a fun outing, plenty more scenario's planned.

  2. Looks great. What rules did you use?

    1. It was actually War of Insurgency Rules, a modern skirmish set, I made a couple of amendments but they played rather well.

  3. I'm glad Legs made it out, too bad about his men. Damn dirty aliens.

    1. Good job he has plenty of extras to take the fight to the aliens :-)