Monday, August 29, 2022

1st Chechen war 1994 - Bolt Action meets Ambush Alley - Part 1

Chechnya 1994.....

A two player game with lots of fog of war....

A Russian Federation Armoured column has orders to secure a Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the far end of the table neither player no the make up of each others forces or their orders. The Chechens have orders to damage the any Russian forces but to keep their own loses light.

The game Russians win once the target building is secure or they are forced to turn back due to losses.

The Russians can enter anywhere on the short edge in the forefront of the picture above. The Chechen's are already in place marked on a map including 2 IED's to slow the Russian advance.

Three sections of Infantry supported by a BRDM2 Scout Car and MBT to support the column.

The Russians opt for an initial advance down the railway line not as fast as the main road but the hope is it will be more lightly defended. As the BTR clears the wood yard the defenders fire off an RPG which narrowly misses the APC.

Russian Infantry debus and seek cover as the APC's HMG pours fire into the defenders who fall back. The Russians don't have it all there own way as snipers pick off a number of key figures in the squad.

The column resumes its progress armour backs up on the raised track heading north, the Chechen commander unware of what is the target or mission.

As the defenders rush to fresh positions they land a blow on the fast moving Russians another RPG round knocking out the BRDM2 as it rushes to find cover.

Victory was short lived as the T80 makes it's presence felt a HE shell smashes into one of the ruins killing a troublesome sniper and half a squad. 

The Russian objective is revealed and with Armour and infantry 50 yards from the large concrete two story building the Chechen out of position and with rising casualties are forced to fall back. The Russians have their FOB.

A short but bloody encounter, we used a mixture of Ambush Alley, Modern Bolt Action and Order Dice from Blucher to restrict the number of actions available each turn. A couple of rule errors which we will correct for the next game.... (It would help if the BA rules were better layout.....)

Next up the remaining Russians need to hold the FOB...


  1. Not my period at all, but love the fog of war for both sides. Tried AA but never got on with them at all. BA much more to my liking.

    1. The hot point idea worked well within AA, found the rules to be a bit heavy in parts, BA is that little bit more of a 'game' for a brutal conflict.

  2. Really interesting to see the combination of rules. Great stuff.

  3. Looks good Stu....I recall a couple of Chechen games a few years ago.....I had a look at Ambush Alley fir my "War on Terror" but felt it was a bit complicated for my liking ....might have been ok if I actually tried playing a game though...

    1. I found the same, I tend to only use the spawn point ideas and additional troops to enter the table. The Bolt Action variant seems to work, but restricting the number of action dice makes for an interesting challenge.