Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Elizabethan Zombie Chronicles #8 - Flight of the Queen

2 years have passed since the last campaign game.... gulp..... 

But with a free day, a chance to get all the toys on the table, England a green and pleasant land, but all is not well as across the land plague pits and grave yards now litter the countryside.

The English Army are on the March escorting the Queen to a place of safety as the dead stir, blocking there way a Spanish invasion force looking to capture the monarch.

Outnumbered the English lords hatch a plan to get the Queen away, a small sail boat awaits but only if they can slip the Spanish net.

The walled village had a single gateway marking it's entrance with marsh and swamps to the right and left which has thus far protected the village from all foes.

A rush for the gate English and Spanish forces close on the main road in to village, he who holds the gate controlled the field.

The noise of battle brings forth unwanted foes, the resin could appear from any of the 6 plaque pits but the vast majority appear to surface in front of the Spanish lines.

As the Spanish put the zombies and other evil beasts to the sword the English made their move for the gate.

But the English countryside was no place to loiter and as the trained band held the line the Queen was ambushed by a foul Werebeast, who killed one of the monarchs lady in waiting before it was dispatched.

The Spanish rushed the English as the defenders had their own trouble, the Queen was forced to swallow her pride and wade through the mud and muck to escape the Invaders. Oh the shame..... where was Rayleigh when you needed him :-)

The Queen was away and heading for the sail boat....

A close run affair the Spanish were soundly beating the English until the dead rose and distracted the invaders form their true goal, the English were able to hold the gate sacrificing their trained bands to keep the path open.

The adoption of the Too Fat Lardies, Infamy Infamy rules worked really well and kept the game moving quickly to a conclusion, even if the Queen had the shame of having to wade through the swamp.


  1. Huzzah - great to see the Elizabethan Zombie campaign back on the table Stu, it has been absent too long! Shame about the lady-in-waiting but at least her death was not wasted, as HM managed to escape the clutches of both the Dead and the Diego's!

    1. It was close but the shame of a muddy dress - shocking :-)

  2. Good to see some action from the campaign again.

  3. Great to see these figures and campaign back on the table Stu. It really is my favourite of all the wonderful games you play!

    1. Thanks Steve, I did think about an outing at the Cotswold day, but suspect we are heading towards a WW2 setting.

  4. The "Elizabethan Zombie Chronicles" series sounds like an intriguing blend of history and horror! 🧟‍♂️📚 I'm always up for a unique twist on classic periods. Can't wait to dive into the 8th installment. Thanks for the recommendation! 🎉📖
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