Monday, August 07, 2023

Legends of the Water Margin #2 Clear the Temple

The Heroes of the Water Margin are massing and the local population are rushing to their banner.

The Sung Government send a military force to break up the gathering, a chance for scores to be settled. Kao Chiu was looking to defeat Lin Chung who is bound to be at the centre of the trouble, while his Temple Guard were itching to take on the Palace Guard who had taken the side of the rebels.

In a close and bloody affair - Kao Chiu's forces had the numbers but Lin Chung's troops had stealth on their side.

The massed ranks of the government forces advance up the table, but still the bulk of the rebels did not show themselves.

Only the Palace Guard were on show defending the Temple.

The trap is sprung and the banner men rise from the tree line to block the path to the temple.

A fancy uniform, confidence was high in the government forces as they marched on to the table. A slight problem with there morale, they had not seen combat since being painted 2 years ago!!!

An aggressive move by Lin Chung and infantry and cavalry charged forces sending the cavalry back to group.

As heroes fought for control of the hill, infantry and cavalry ground out multiple melees, the imperial forces were unable to break through the rebel lines, several heroes were heavily wounded but held on as clock ran down.

A fun affair with Heroes on both sides playing their part, Black Whirlwind went down under the hooves of a squadron of cavalry but not before sending two militia units running for the table edge. Wizards on both side swapped incantations looking to prove who's magic was stronger.

Both sides claiming victory of sorts, the sort of outcome that is crying out for a rematch.
Played using an adapted version of Infamy Infamy.


  1. Great to see The Water Margin back on your table Stu.....just need a new episode of the Elizabethan Zombie adventure now!

  2. Pretty much what Keith has already said:). Trouble is I can't help but picture Miriam Margolyes in my mind as I read this as she dubbed the heroines voice for the series!

  3. Cracking game by Stu:Government Forces were 60% happier than the Rebels at the end of the battle and Lin Chung was running faster than Usain Bolt in the wrong direction ! Great fun !