Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mounted Zulu's

Whilst stuck in a motorway services yesterday, I managed to catch up on some light reading - In particular Ian Knight's series on the Zulu War a number of passages struck me in particular a number of small encounters with the British and Boers where the Zulu's were mounted Prince Dabulamanzi commander at Rorkes Drift as an example was a notable horseman.

Having a spare evening and only having a few remaining pieces to complete my current Zulu War collection. I thought I would dig out a couple of mounted Zulu's which form part of lead mountain.

The figure on the circular base is from Empress and the three on the left are Black Tree Design Limited although the horse are spares from various 28mm collections.

I plan to use them as scouts, pickets or commanders, they will certainky make a change from the usual head long charge into the British firing lines......



  1. At the moment I've only got one induna mounted in my impi. The rest are all on foot. Toying with the idea of adding some mounted Zulus, but got to focus on painting up some musket dudes at the moment.

  2. I've just joined your blog, interested in the period as my club is about to start a Zulu campaign in September (with The Word and the Flame). Nice figures and painting. Just a kind suggestion about your blog: as the backgound colour selected for your posts is a light grey, why not changing the colour of the text from white to a darker colour? It will make reading much easier.

  3. Noted still early days working through the full functionality available. I have changed the font colour. Thanks for your comments.