Monday, July 18, 2011

Well played that Man.....

Club night last night and an outing for the British & French in a brief skirmish to try Sharp Practice in a Napoleonic setting.
Napoleonics is one of those periods that every serious gamer wants to try at least one, it's all about those Big Battalions....
You know when a rule set works when you come away with a heavy defeat and still feel you had a great evenings entertainment.
The scenario was a simple one march on table and capture the high ground.
The British came on on blind but were soon spotted by the advancing French, the British continued on a pace pushing straight on towards the objective.


On the left flank advancing through the woods the Rifles, their extra range was taking chunks out of the adavncing French and the shock was soon to stop them dead in their tracks.

The French crested the hill and let loose a volley into an isolated British Unit forcing it back with heavy Casualties, at this stage the scores were even, with both sides having lost a unit to shock.


However the British had a master plan, they had saved their first round fire bonus and fired a volley at short range into the French, killing 3 and inflicting 13 points of shock on the formation.
Fortune of the cards and the British activated first charging into the unloaded French, the melee was short but bloody.
The French killed 3-4 British but lost several of their own troops aand with double the shock were forced to leave the table.

A great day for the Brits but a cracing evenings entertainment, which has set me off looking for more stuff to paint and campaigns to run......

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