Sunday, August 07, 2011

Napoleon in Egypt

This is what happens when you go on holiday....
You suddenly find yourself with some free time and in bookshops reading stuff that would normally pass you by.
Next thing you know you have a new period to add to Lead Mountain.

Having wargamed for over 25 years I have always looked at "big" Napoleanic Battles and thought I would never be able to paint that volume or that many for just one unit, however Sharp Practice by the Too Fat Lardies goes some way to address that urge. Larger than your average skirmish game, but flexible enough to feel like a large battle.

Now I am not one for gaming regular periods - ask anyone at the club, but this may be as close as it gets to regular period wargaming.

Napoleon in Egypt satisfies my interests in a number of areas, Colonial Wargames ish, painting up some Arab figures that have been kicking around for a while from a Crusade Project that never really got off the ground, use of my Arab Village that never gets enough table time and Napoleonic gaming that I have largely ignored since starting out in the hobby.

First out of the blocks - Ottoman Infantry from Brigade Games.



Next up.
Ottoman Riflemen
French Infantry

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