Friday, August 12, 2011

French Infantry in Egypt

Having spent what seemed like days putting together 60 Victrix 1804, I finally got a chance to put some paint on them. Whilst technically a little late for Egypt 1798 it gives me a cheap way to bulk out the French units before I add some specialist units in Metal.
Based on 1p pieces and in movement trays from Warbases my plan is to create 10 figure units for Sharp Practice vs 8 man units for the Ottoman Turks which should give the French a little more staying power.

Historically I have  always used a black under coat and this was a new departure for me using a white base coat and a greater use of inks, but I am generally pleased pleased with the result, the Victrix figures hold the paint well and the detail is easily picked out (although it's difficult to see on these photo's..

Next up more Ottoman's.



Painting Guide

Undercoat Citadel White together with a Citadel Wash Gryphonne Sepia.

Foundry Deep Blue Shade 20A followed by Deep Shade Light 20C Highlight together with a Citadel Wash Asurman Blue.

Mechrite Red
Highlight Blood Red
Citadel Wash Baal Red

White over the Citadel Wash Gryphonne Sepia

Pack Blankets.
Vallejo Neutral Grey 160
Followed by a Citadel Wash Devlan Mud

Webbing and other fittings.
Bestial Brown and or Dark Afrian Flesh 121B followed by a Citadel Wash Devlan Mud

Tan Shade 14A
Bolt Gun Metal
Citadel Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight after wash - Mithril Silver

Vallejo Old Gold 173

Flesh Tones
GW Elf Flesh.
Citadel Wash Devlan Mud
Followed by Elf Flesh highlights

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