Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sharp Practice Zulu War Modifications.

Zulu’s Wars in Sharp Practice.
Set out below is a summary of the amendments and in house rules made for Sharp Practice and Terrible Sharp Sword Rules by the Richard Clarke and the guy’s over at Too Fat Lardies. These have been used by our club the Evesham Wargames Club to run a number of large scenarios based in the Zulu Wars of 1879.

Zulu Warriors.
Zulu infantry Units are broken down into 3 Unit Types.
Zulu Skirmish Unit.
A Zulu Skirmish unit should be 10 men strong and armed with fowling pieces. Zulu Infantry are poor shots and must spend every other action reloading.
Zulu Infantry Unit.
A Zulu Infantry unit should be 15 men strong armed with Assegai thrusting spears. The Zulu’s are aggressive in Fisticuffs and carry Big Choppers.
Zulu Regiment.
A Zulu Regiment should be between 30 – 60 men strong armed with Assegai thrusting spears. The Zulu’s are aggressive in Fisticuffs and carry Big Choppers. A regiment will be made up of between 2-4 elements. Between 3-6 men in the formation will be armed with fowling pieces.

Zulu's appear on the ridge

Zulu Experience.
Zulu Troops are categorised as per Terrible Sharp Sword (page 7) however Greenhorns are able to skirmish and none of the Zulu Troops receive the pluses for musketry. Zulu’s from the first invasion are Determined; troops from the 2nd invasion are Downcast.

Zulu Blinds.
A Zulu unit that enters a terrain item can revert to Blind in the next turn. When moving out from the terrain piece they can split into two blinds, one representing a fake and one the genuine unit.
Zulu’s move at 1d6 + 3 per action.
They may spend one action Hunkering Down which improves there cover class by one grade. i.e. None becomes light and Light becomes medium.

British Regulars.
All infantry Groups should be eight men strong. They are in the main Acceptable Shots and are armed with Superior Rifles. British Troops are classed as Triumphant in terms of belief.


Random Event Cards.
A set of random event Cards are available on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group.

Hand to Hand
When in Close Comabt all rules apply as per the TSS rule book, however we have limited the number of figures fighting, so for examaple British Troops in Open or Skirmish order will be out numbered by a maximum of 4:1, whilst a British Infantry Section in Close order can only be out numbered by a maximum of 2:1 per figure.

Big Man Allocation.
8 Man Section – Status I/II Big Man
Status III/IV Big Men range from Colour Sergeants to Senior Officers.
Zulu Big Men are allocated on a ration of 2 Big Men for every 3 Units fielded. Typically each force will also be allocated a senior commander or induna this commander will typically be one grade higher than the most experienced Big Man.

British Right Flank and Supporting NNC


  1. Just what I've been looking for. Having a copy of SP rules and into the Zulu war, will give these a try when I have finished painting the British.
    Excellent blog BTW.

  2. Yours to mate, we have a taster game at Gloucester Minicon this weekend if you are close by.

  3. I am looking forward to trying these out.

    1. Thanks Chris let me know how you get on.

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    My group are very interested in TSS Colonial Warfare.
    Can you join me into the yahoo group?

    1. Sergey
      Sorry for the delay in replying, we closed the group, drop me an e-mail and I will send you the cards.