Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Boxers Rebellion 1900 Imperial Chinese Army

The second post of the day, having revamped the first of the allied units, I thought I would turn my attention to some of the Boxers and the Imperial Chinese Army, this is one of my favourite units although they never perform well on the table, maybe the new paint job and basing will give them some extra back bone.

 Chinese Imperial Army advance on the Allied Barbarians looking to drive them from Chinese soil, all figures my Old Glory, mounted on 1p's and dropped into a warbase movement tray.


4 Units of Boxers split into 5 figure movement trays, I need to work out a simple way of highlighting the Bigmen of the units, but for now the trays will work, with a generic Big men noted underneath the base, I have marked them all Status I for the ease of game play.

Some added added fire to the Boxer forces, I am thinking of classing them as snipers within the Mud & Blood rules, making it easier to get a kill, but not having a mass fire effect such as classing  them as artillery.


  1. Nice little troublemakers!
    And a fantastic way to start 2013!

  2. Many thanks - It should be a good year for Mud & Blood this year, thanks for commenting, your own blog has been a regular stop off for me in 2012.

  3. I just purchased some of these figures and am intrigued by how you have base your lovely figures. Where can I get bases like that?

    1. Thomas
      I get mine from the following.
      They do some get irregular "zombie" bases which are good for Boxer masses.