Tuesday, January 01, 2013

15mm Royal Marines & Italian Sailors Boxer Rebellion 1900

Welcome to 2013 I have updated the blog to include a record this year of my efforts and projects, to try and keep on track.

The link can be found here. Painting & Project Log 2013

Without further ado the first repaints of the Boxer Rebellion project, 1st up Royal Marines and Italian sailors, the Warbases really bring the units to life and make the units so much more functional.

I just need to work out how to identify the Big Men within the units, for the Allied command the officers are easily identifiable but it is fractionally more difficult for the Boxers.
All figures by Old Glory.

Royal Marines and Italian Sailors muster to repel the advancing Boxers.

Italian Sailors Close up.

The Royal Marines advance.

The ammunition train is brought up to support the naval ranks.


The Allied Encampment.

I brought these 15mm resin tents off e-bay 5 years ago but could not find the enthusiasm to break them out of the blister pack, I was not sure whether to base them separately or on a large scenic base.

2013 the year of getting old stuff done :-)


  1. Very nice Stuart I really like the ammo train. Can't wait to see you start on the Russo-Japanese war for your 2013 projects. Happy New Year to you and I wish you lots of success on your project list.

  2. And to you.
    I have them based and under coated, so the paint job should start in earnest over the next few weeks.
    Best wishes