Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wargames Figures Paint Conversion Matrix

Catching up on the various blog's this morning, I found a great article by Brian over at The Warband
which detailed how he painted his Russian's, perfect timing as I kick off the next major project.

Perhaps of more interest within the article to the general gamer was an interesting app. that I had not come across before. Power Palette

Reaper Miniatures within their website they have an application called the Power Palette that you can scan an image into and it will match it to the closest Master Series Ccolours from their paint range.
Using Brian's example I also scanned images from my Osprey collection and it produced a suggested a range of colours, I even tried scanning in photo's of a couple of miniatures where I used  Reaper Master paints and with the right lighting it found it's own paint colours even with a varnish coating.

I suspect this will be old news to some but I am seriously impressed, thanks Brian for a great find.

Back in May I posted up the latest Games Workshop painting guide.
Since I posted the comparison up in my blog, I have been working to match this range to others available (Sad I know) set out below is the latest painting matrix.
Perfect time to upload given the Power Palette find.

Reaper Master
New Citadel
Old Citadel
Vallejo Model Colour

Pure White (9039)
White Scar
Skull White
White (951)

Rosy Highlight (9069)

Pallid Flesh
Light Flesh (928)

Rosy Highlight  (9069)
Kislev Flesh
Elf Flesh
Flat Flesh (955)

Clear Yellow (9095)

Bad Moon Yellow
Lemon Yellow (952)

Sun Yellow (9008)
Flash Gitz Yellow
Sunburst Yellow
Flat Yellow (953)

Marigold Yellow (9007)
Yriel Yellow
Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow (948)

Faded Khaki (9129)
Tallarn Sand
Desert Yellow
Dark Yellow (978)

Fire Orange (9006)

Fiery Orange
Light Orange (911)

Phoenix Red (9005)
Troll Slayer Orange
Blazing Orange
Scarlet (817)

Clear Red (9094)
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Blood Red
Vermillion (909)

Carnage Red (9135)
Wazdakka Red
Red Gore
Cavalry Brown (982)

Deep Red (9002)
Khorne Red
Scab Red
Carmine Red (908)

Clotted Red (9134)


Pale Violet (9027)

Tentacle Pink
Pink (958)

Pale Violet Red (9027)
Screamer Pink
Warlock Purple
Magenta (945)

Clear Plum (9132)
Xereus Purple
Liche Purple
Royal Purple (810)

Deep Amethyst (9079)

Imperial Purple
Royal Purple (810)

Clear Purple (9099)

Nauseating Blue
Violet  (960)

Ritterlich Blue  (9115)

Storm Blue
Blue (925)

Ultramarine Shadow (9187)

Midnight Blue
Dark Prussian Blue (899)

Brilliant Blue (9116)