Monday, September 23, 2013

German Late War Support Weapons - Chain of Command

With the infantry finished I thought I would bring the support options up to speed to give me some variation in future scenario's, as with most wargamers I seem to have gotten a little carried away already, with the painting table full of extra's..... so much for sticking to a plan.

First up two Pak 40 AT Guns - Eight points each on the support charts.

For the cheaper option, 2 MG 42's worth 4 points each.
Technically with 5 crew so I will need to work on some additional markers. 


I also finished the last of the command bases, with 3 officers to represent a senior command should it be needed.

Next up vehicles and with Derby 2013 approaching who knows what else.....


  1. Really nice work again Stu. As for the 5 crew etc, I'm torn between basing in a similar vein to yourself and just noting casualties, or having 5 indivdually based crew and removing them as required. I favour the first option but will see what looks best for me.

    1. Steve my plan is to create some casualty markers with a place for a framed dice, the same as I have completed for my RJW stuff, with perhaps a red dice for shock and a black for a kill, this way I can keep the basing as a single model.

  2. Beautiful painting Stuart. Really like the basing too!!

  3. Thanks Rodger I was a little unsure of the snow effect at first but it is growing on me.
    All the best.