Sunday, September 22, 2013

Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command - Big men and leaders.

Having given the late war infantry a make over and re-organising them for Chain of Command, I should be able to muster two full Platoons to hold off the allied advance, however the current basing (3 to a base) has left me a little short of Senior and Junior leaders fortunately a quick order to Peter Pig has provided the necessary reinforcements.

Gaming and painting has been a little thin of late, so I set myself the challenge of getting the leaders finished with 48 Hrs.... for tonights club outing. SNOW Pressure then.....

I am pleased to report that the reinforcements are now available with a few hours to spare the snow still a little wet.... I just hope they don't fall foul of the curse of freshly painted figures on there first outing. 

Paul over at  Move along nothing to see here has steadily been building his collection and opted for junior officers on 1p bases, I thought I would follow suit adding senior officers on 2p's with a second figure to make them a little easier to identify.

I also included a medic to give me an option on the table should it be needed to keep those big men active.

The standard infantry squad in CoC is made up of an LMG team of 2 crew and a rifleman, whilst the rifle team is made up of 6 riflemen. Longer term I would like to add some two figure bases to give me additional figure options.

I am toying with bolstering the rifle squad to 9 men and the LMG team with only 2 to fit with my current basing, but will have to see what that does for game play.


1st Platoon - Veterans from the front in a mixture of over coats and cold winter gear.


2nd Platoon - Volkstrum and HJ

Next up support weapons....


  1. They look great, Stu. I especially like the medic.

  2. Really nice work Stu. The Home Front is preventing me even looking at the rules properly, but the release of the 1940s lists my garner me into some action on this. I have all the kit, just the usual lack of time, which fingers crossed should get better from tomorrow.

    1. Steve I was surprised at how little I needed, mostly single officers, looking over the listings, I might pick up a couple of pioneer sections, but most of the other entries off the support chart are already at the foot of lead mountain.