Sunday, September 15, 2013

15mm WW2 late war Germans.- Messing about in the snow...

Whilst waiting for the postman to deliver my copy of Chain of Command I thought I would give my Germans a make over, originally based for the Panzer Grenadier rules, they needed some additional Bigmen for CoC, my plan is to base the Junior leaders on one pence pieces and the seniors on two pence pieces.

First up 3 sections and the anti-tank team.

Given the figures are three to base, I will need to build some shock and casualty bases which should be complete over the next few weeks, which will allow me to split into the separate fire teams, although I could assume they are in a weakened state?

The units will represent a mix of veteran infantry and volkssturm designed to stem the soviet advance. The militia had the potential to lack morale and combat effectiveness so by being placed under Nazi Party control they would be bolstered by political fanaticism, I need to think about how they might be represented in the rules?

I wanted to give them a winter feel, they had previously been varnished with a satin finish, so a covering of lacker gave them a duller feel, together with a light dry brushing of white.

The snow effect was created using Bicarbonate of Soda and a PVA/water paste, it should be thick enough so that it sticks to a brush, I applied a liberal "blob" of the paste and allowed to dry, in some cases added a second application for depth, before another dry brush of white, followed by another lacker coat to fix in place.

Next up Bigmen.....


  1. Looking good! The bases really add to the great overall impression.

    1. Certainly a little different to what I have done before, next up officer bases.