Sunday, February 02, 2014

Copplestone Castings - Chinese Armed Bandits - The Honghuzi.. Part 2

It's been one of those weeks on the work front, out before it's light and home when it's dark at least Saturday saw some valuable painting time.

Back in May I painted up a unit of Honghuzi or Chinese Bandits for the RJW project, I had a bunch of these from a back of beyond project that never took off, having completed some Russian Cossacks, the Japanese are in need of some mounted reinforcements.


During the Russo-Japanese War, the Honghuzi took advantage of the conflict to carry out attacks against Russian forces at any time there were upwards of 10,000 bandits operating in Manchurian area, led by Japanese officers in the pay of Japan, but could easily be paid off to fight for the Russians should he tie of war change.

In other news....
I was fortunate to win a prize on Phyllion's excellent blog - Diary of a Gaming Magpie

A Model Victory by Malcolm Balen.

The book pile is looking a little thin, so perfect timing, a vivid retelling of the Battle of Waterloo, based on unpublished soldiers’ written accounts and the story of William Siborne, an officer who wanted to capture the moment of victory by making the perfect model. Thanks again Phil.


  1. You are most welcome. I've just bolstered by reading pile at the BHF Charity shop in town. I normally have no luck there but they had loads of interest to me, including a book on Omdurman.

    Nice bandits, hope these are hard-asses next time the RJW makes the table.

  2. I have been collecting Copplestone Bolsheviks but those Chinese look mighty tasty.