Saturday, April 05, 2014

HOTT Narnian Army in 15mm

Another slow week on the gaming front, however encouraged by the release of the latest edition of the HOTT rules, I did manage to rebase and tidy up my Narnian army. This was one of those projects that was almost more fun tracking down suitable figures than the actual painting.

A typical HOTT engagement usually calls for 24 Army points but as usual I got a little carried way, but it does give me plenty of scope to vary the troop types and paint up the more unusual pieces.

The books were a must read for me as a child and it has to be said the movies did capture the flavour of the stories, the kids even took an interest on what was on the painting table which can't be bad.

Here's my efforts so far...

Edmund on an armoured Griffin.
From Games Workshop Warmaster Range (6mm well he is a child.)
Aerial Hero 6 Pts.

Giant Eagles.
Games Workshop Warmaster Range.
Flyers 2 Pts.

The General can be seen on the near left, at least until I find a suitable 15mm Knight for High King Peter.

I picked these up from Eureka Miniatures they seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
The fox is from a railway scenic company whose name escapes me, they must have thought it was the oddist of orders, 10 bags of Foxes, Badgers and Rabbits.
Knights or Riders 2 Pts.

Lucy & Faun Hero.
I decided that Lucy would be best represented as a Sneaker in the rules, a Hero seemed a little too tough for a mere child.
Sneaker 3 Pts & Hero 4 Pts.

Lovely castings from Splintered light Miniatures, the Minotaurs originally started out in the White Queens Army, but joined the Narnian Forces once the Telmarines seized Narnia.
So don't look amiss in both armies.
Behermoths 4 Pts.

The main stay of my Narnian Army - Splintered Light Miniatures.
Spears 2 Pts.

Faun Slingers
More Splintered Light Miniatures.
Shooters 2 Pts.


Woodland folk who are part human and part goat.
Blades & Shooters 2 Pts.

Faun Shaman.
It depends if you like your fantasy historical :-)
But I figured a Magician or Cleric might give me a few extra options for the Narnian Forces.
Magician 4 Pts.

To elegant to be Beast and two small to be Behemoths - The vote goes to Riders.
From Magister Militum's Fantasy Range.
Riders 2 Pts.

Hamadryads or Ents.
Not really referenced by C S Lewis but they feel like the type of woodland Creatures that might appear. I think they may have been from Games Workshop (?) but we cheap on e-bay.
Behermoths 4 Pts.

Red Dwarves.
Not to be confused with Black Dwaves who fight for the White White, I included Susan in their ranks as felt she is would not be strong enough to be a hero in her own right.
Shooters 2 Pts.

War Dogs.
With the Wolves fighting for the foces of evil, Man's best friend to the rescue.
Beasts 2 Pts.

The White Stag.
Not sure where this came from, but it is said he can grant wishes if you catch him....
Beast or Behemoth 2 Pts.

He needs no introduction.
A 25mm Foundry Lion to give him some prescence on the table.
I opted for a Paladin as a "God" did not seem in keeping with the rest of the army.
Paladin 4 Pts.

The Hordes of the Things.
What Narnian Army would be complete without the Woodland Creatures.
Several packs of Rabbits, Foxes, Badgers and Hares from a Railway Scenic company, but they fit the bill perfectly for hordes.
Hordes 1 Pt each.

A great project and the sort of Army, where the occasional figure pack will be added if it takes my fancy or I have a spare hour to google 15mm Bears, Dyrad & Gryphons.... all still missing from the ranks....

Next up The Army of the White Witch.....


  1. What a cracking army, bags of character and must have been great fun sourcing the miniatures.

    1. To many hours on the internet Michael...

  2. Replies
    1. Not likely to win many games, but great fun collecting.

  3. That's a lot of points you have there! I used railway scenic animals for my Narnians (which predate the film), but I only did a straight 24AP army. I grouped all of the children together into one element (Hero general, naturally), but for the size of your army splitting them up seems perfectly natural.

    Aslan is never a God; he's listed in the rules as an archetypal Paladin ('magical lions').

    You have reminded me that I must showcase my Narnians at some stage.

    1. That would be good KK, I figured better to have to many points to throw my enemies off their guard.

  4. So many beautiful minis, excellent paint job!!

  5. Fantastic, I've never seen an army quite like this!

    1. Monty wait to you see the White Witch.... Do you know how long it takes to find a witch being pulled by polar bears :-)