Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chinese Village - Part 3

With the Wyvern Wargamers - Lardy day less than 2 months away the RJW terrain is really starting to take shape, I had planned on finishing the buildings but in the end opted to finish the crop compound first.....

Japanese troops taking up positions against the fence as they await the Russian counter attack. I am rather pleased by how this has turned out, plenty of room to line the fences but a sense of density for the crops..

Two more bases and a compound to finish.


  1. Hi Stu, a lot of hard work going on there keep them coming .
    Regards Furphy .

  2. Nice work Stu. One of the features of this region was vast fields of Lioliang, a plant that grows to a height of ten feet or more. Have you given any thought of how to create these?

    1. Mark
      I am experimenting with some plastic fish plants, very much work in progress.

  3. Very nice work- a really good 'feel' for the terrain. Should look great on the table! looking forward to seeing it in action.