Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chinese Village - Part 2

Plenty of progress over the past few days.....
Once glued to the boards and filled to blend with the base I applied a liberal coating of PVA glue and a covering of sand, then allowed them to dry, the boards were then undercoated.

Whilst 4 ground come ready painted, I wanted to give them a darker wash, the boards were given several layers of dry brushing. I cut up several pieces of plastic door matting from the local hardware store, which gave me ready made crops for the enclosure and back gardens.

The John Jenkins walling went together really well and some textured wall paper gave a tiled effect to the inside of the compound.

At this stage the terrain pieces look far from finished but they are starting to come together, I am hoping to make further progress over the next few evenings.

Next up the buildings.


  1. Looking good my friend .
    Regards Furphy .

  2. Coming along very nicely indeed!

  3. Looks extremely promising for the finished article.

  4. Looks very, very nice. when I'm looking at this, I have old Chinese Kung Fu movies. Well done!