Thursday, May 14, 2015

Black Hat - Tales of the Dragon Kings review

With the village largely complete I thought I would keep the Chinese theme going.
Having plumbed for the Sung Dynasty's rise and fall I thought I would mix in a little Chinese mythology to keep things interesting, I spotted several fantastic castings on the Black Hat miniatures site and figured they would be a great compliment to those already on the paint table.

This nasty bunch is from their Dragon Kings Range - The Black Guard, packed full of detail, well cast and very little flash. The exaggerated weopons make them a step up from the regular troops.

Not to sure how they will fit within the wider project they might yet appear as troops belonging to the evil "Kao Chiu" of Water Margin fame.  


  1. Lot of hard work has gone into these Stu, nice to see it all coming together see you Sunday (got my first dice, it's only taken thirty years ! ) Nearly a pukker gamer now not just a painter .
    All the best Furphy .

    1. Something a little different. You can put those dice to use tomorrow :-)

  2. Those are really cool minis. Your painting has done them justice.

    1. Cheers Ski - Perfrect for a small out of Songs of Blades and Heroes.