Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flash Gordon..... A sci-fi AAR.....

The return of mid week gaming and a real blast from the back of the wargames cupboard.....

Flash, King Vultan and a party of his Hawkmen have been forced to flee Sky City after an attack by Ming's Forces, they have stopped to rest in the forest kingdom of Arboria, exhausted and grounded due to the swampy conditions the hawkmen await escort from Prince Barin's forces when they are ambushed by one of Ming's patrols.

The Hawkmen must remain in the centre of the table until contacted by the Arborian patrol, when they can can leave the table.

Flash and Vultan await Ming's onslaught, Hawkmen hide amongst the under growth.

The forests of Arboria are full of dangers, here we see the deadly purple petal plants whose touch is deadly.


Ming's forces advance in strength, led by two hover bots, looking to catch Flash in the open.

Prince Barin's men open fire on the hover bots before they are able to react.

Ming's troopers reach the clearing and a fire fight breaks out between the two sides, troopers and Hawkmen fall to the ground.

 The left flank sneaks past the purple petals but they are struck down by poison darts - ouch....

The Arborian patrol reaches the clearing.

The survivors fall back as Ming's forces advance.

Ming looks on - The Rebellion might soon be crushed in one single encounter.

Flash, Vultan and Prince Barin turn on there pursuers and defeat them in hand to hand combat, escaping deep into the forest.

What now...... having defeated the patrol, Prince Barin leads the leaders of the rebellion deep into the Arborian forest only to be confronted by two of Ming's Autobots....

Until next week Flash fans......

Played using a MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS Based on Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics.

Figures from  Wargames Supply Dump miniatures and painted over 20 years ago..... Before shading and dipping was invented :-)


  1. Good stuff, and the models look fine for a very old paint job!

    1. Cheers Ski - Keep thinking about a repaint but they might lose their charm.

  2. Love it!! Didn't even know they made Flash Gordon figures!!

  3. Like Ray, completely unaware that anyone made these figures. Brings back many memories of the black & white version on telly when I was a kid. Plus I keep wanting to says "Gordon's alive!" in a Brian Blessed voice;)

    1. Your not the only one Steve - although my opponent was getting a little annoyed everytime they took a shot at him and missed...

  4. Excellent stuff ...well done for keeping and playing with some stuff from the past, often the best fun !

    1. Cheers Matt even found half a dozen extra's in the box...

  5. I want to see a scratch built rocket ship with sparks flying out the back !
    Regards Furphy .

    1. Yeh right oh - was thinking about War Rocket Ajax --- :-)

  6. This was terrific! The retro models are brilliant and none the worse for want of dip and shading. I kept thinking of goofy cartoon shows like The Venture Brothers as I was reading this.
    Meticulously researched historical games are good, but this is the sort of game that players will recall vividly years later.