Friday, August 14, 2015

The Zulu's are coming.

Game Report 5

A little bit behind on posts, Last Sunday evening and another outing for Lt Henshaw in Zululand.

Reports had reached headquarters that a Zulu raiding party had crossed the Buffalo and were looking to raid the nearby farmsteads.

Capt Wiley called Henshaw to his office and was issued orders to take a couple of sections into the foot hills to disperse the natives, the plan was to lay in wait for the expected Zulu reconnaissance parties ambush them and retire inflicting maximum casualties on his foes at the minimum cost.

The scenario is from the SBH suppliment - Songs of Deeds and Glory - Breakthrough.
The British recieve 1 Victory Point per 20 points of Zulu's killed, , the Zulu's recieve 1 Victory point per 15 points who successfully exit the British table edge.

Van Ostlers Farm from the Zulu side of the table.

Lt Henshaw holds the centre ground awaiting the approach of the Zulu raiding party.

The Zulu's advance hoping to sweep both left and right, whilst the Brits send a screening force down the road to take the fight to the native hordes.

The pickets slot several of the Zulu's before the Zulu's pass a number of actions and the Zulu commanders rush several warriors forward.

The range markers go out.

Private Watkins is swamped by the Zulu tide, but his death slows the attacking warriors as they spend two bounds "washing their spears" - poor old Watkins.

Watkins death allowed the British regroup and fire several volley's into the Zulu's. This raiding party would not be breaking through......

A clear victory for the British, the Zulu's will need to re-think their next move....


  1. Stu, thanks for putting on the game it was a lot of fun .
    Cheers Gav .

    1. More in the coming months Gav... :-)

  2. Lovely looking game. Not my period at all but still enjoy seeing how Lt Henshaw gets on.

    1. Cheers Steve he's a useful vehicle to keep the scenario's flowing.

  3. Nice looking game and figures....this has just started the twinkle of another project in the back of my mind.

    1. Thanks Matt.
      Good luck - so many projects so little time :-)

  4. Awesome looking game and great to see a Zulu game!

    1. Proof you can do a Zulu game without an impi or three Rodger.... :-)
      Thanks for looking.

  5. Looks very nice. I love the figures. However about the scenarios for Zulu War I personally believe, that if there is less than 10 Zulus against 1 Brit, the game is unfair...