Sunday, June 26, 2016

Starship Troopers Campaign Round 4 - Hold the line.

Last Sunday saw the forth outing in the Wyvern Wargamers Starship Troopers Campaign the beauty of this type of game is that it can be boxed away and reappear based on the players available and new players can be dropped in as they appear at the club such as this week with the appearance of Henriks Heroes.

Not long after military forces from Earth think they've defeated an alien Bug infestation on Pluto, the insects return and threaten our  scientific outposts. Mobile Infantry forces are sent back to Pluto for  what is believed to be a little mop-up mission. Henrik's Heroes, Baldwins B*stards and Wyvern Warriors soon discover that this is not just a simple "hit and run" mission ... but the first battle of what's to become the First Interstellar War.

Sunday nights objective - Protect the O2 Purification plant or worse case extract the technical crew if the bug activity is to hot.

Northing but dirt and rock as far as the eye can see at the far end of the table the O2 plant can been seen, sensors are on but nothing appears to be moving out there.
 The O2 plant, Henrik's Heroes are given the honour of defending the plant, with a healthy 500 points to spend, he must await the rescue part of Baldwin's B*stards and the Wyvern Warriors.

Techies run for cover as the alarm sounds - "Bugs....."

Baldwins B*stards the most numerous of units, two squads of Mobile Infantry and a newly acquired CHAS with it's two chain guns.

 HH have chosen wisely with two Mobile Infantry squads and a couple of armoured pill boxes to keep the Bugs at bay, things get stickly straight away as a big hole opens up a few meters from the defence line.

The mobile Infantry dig in and pour fire into the advancing bugs but dispite taking casualties the bugs close with the infantry and half a squad are ripped apart as their comrades in the pill box look on in horror..... Welcome to the Bug Wars HH.

 Meanwhile as the relief column march towards the O2 Plant, flyers zip in heading straight for the Wyverns a squad of fresh recruits.

 Back at the O2 plant things are getting rather sticky, hordes of bugs are crest the high ground and head straight for the defenders, Cliff mites crawl from the rock faces and scammper for the defenders who are left with no option but to fire at everything with more than two legs.

The column is making slow progress, with a number of fresh recruits carried off, but help is coming in the shape of the CHAS who has reached the high ground.
The Bugs close in for the kill but a string of poor command rolls and concentrated fire leaves them so close to their human prey, no telling blow.

Finally they reach the Mobile Infantry lines but struggle to breach the pill box and it's armoured shell, as razor sharp claws puncher the roof, the infantry continue to fire, chopping down a number of bugs and slowing their advance.

 Back at the column a horde of bugs pour of the ridge line, but BB is awaiting supporting by the CHAS unit, who takes chunks out of the charging bugs wiping out whole units in a single round.

A view from on high, WW fight for their lives against the fliers, whilst the Infantry and CHAS Units beat off wave after wave of bugs.
To little to late, the bugs send in a Tanker to strike the final blow, but with the clock ticking down the game draws to a close with a victory for mankind.

The toll on the defenders had been high with several killed and wounded, but Henrik's Heroes held the O2 plant. The Wyverns had been mauled but had beaten off the Fliers, meanwhile Baldwin's B*stards had once again come out on top, not losing a single man and destroying numerous bug units.... With a little help from CHAS and Dave his handler :-)
They will certainly take some catching on the leader board.
Another fun outing, the Swatter Rules worked really well with mulitple players and everyone was kept active, the bugs were lethal if they got in but were vunerable to the mass fire of the CHAS unit.
Tune in next time as the settlement of New Disney stands in the way of the Bug horde, will Victory once again come to the Mobile Infantry. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran another fun outing, one day the bugs will win.

  2. Very exciting stuff. Damned if these MI vs bug games don't give me the heebie jeebies. What a great SF twist on colonial wargaming!

    1. That's just the feel I was going for Michael.