Sunday, June 05, 2016

OML 4 - The Wyvern's get their Lardy fix....

So the curtain comes down on another Market Larden event and this one was perhaps the best yet. As ever the atmosphere was great and so different to many events in the gaming calander, a room full of people looking to playout a well balanced scenario on wonderful terrain, not a super pointed army designed to win the game at all costs in sight.

Housed in the Wyverns Club House and organised by Ade Deacon, OML is fast becoming the go to Lardy event of the year.

9.37am and we are off.
Over the day over 10 games were put on, here is a seclection of just a few of them.

Mr Avery's IABSM in 15mm

Fellow club member Ian's excellent SCW game, I was fortunate to play this on the afternoon a very bloody affair with both of us down to a couple of Force Morale points, as the clock ran down as I was unable to force my way through the road block at Villianueva de la Canada, the church was to change hands on 4 occasions and as for that flaming Armoured car why I did not ram it in the first place?

Jim Ibbotson's fantastic looking ACW game, a victory for either side.

Mike Hobb's War of 1812 game for Sharp Practice.

Al and Ade's Ardennes 44 - Chain of Command Game. It makes you feel cold just looking at it, a real thing of beauty.

Neil Shuck's - V for Victory"

My morning was filled with a trip to the Caribbean and Nick Skinners fantastic Sharp Practice Game. A simple affair protect plantation over from the rebellious slaves and stay alive until the Marines can arrive.

John from Oxford played the rebel's having spent all night drinking in the barn his men burst out looking for a fight and with a large slice of luck pulled Blue chit after Blue chit and was soon on the masters house, flaming torches in hand. Leaving me no choice but to leave by the front door as they broke in the back.

Stepping out my Marines rush towards the fighting closely followed by the naval detachment.
However Cassius the rebel leader was not put off by the men in red and filled the fields with musket armed rebels.

Cassius and Dr Love. "He get's knocked down but gets up again"

Finally some order is brought to the proceedings with good old British diplomacy - In short a crashing volley and the bayonet.
With only 6 losses for the Crown it looked easier than it was, the rebels were fast moving and everytime the volley was set would move off out of arc, whilst the attackers were defeated I am sorry to say the plantation house was razed to the ground and Mrs Roundwood was killed by a musket ball from the attackers. That will make for terrible reading in the London press.

Thanks to Nick for running proceedings and for John being a good sport.

Roll on OML5 - The planning for the next outing has already begun.


  1. Great looking games.....we need more of that up here😀

  2. Fantastic looking games Stuart!

  3. Some lovely figures and terrain on show Stu .
    Regards Gav .

  4. Tables were amazing! what a shame, that I will miss my Lardy day this year...

  5. That CoC board looks terrific. Well done there!
    The IABSM looks good in 15mm.
    Anyone playing Troops, Weapons & Tactics?

    1. No sorry Captain, SP2 and Coc were the order of the day.