Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Stop it and go to bed....

With the Russian upgrades barely varnished and in their cases, I was thinking about how they might get some extra game time and who might their opponents be?

Then spotted these figures from Rebel Mini's in the US.


One can't help but think about the RoboCop reboot from 2014.
Not quite up to the original in the 80's - "I work for Dick Jones". But the EM 208 Omnicorp Drones looked pretty cool.

With a slowly growing urban building collection and don't forget a bunch of cars. Why not keep it in the same kind of theatre and as luck would have it stumbled into this on the sky box office the other evening.

Not exactly oscar material but I am a sucker for an all action guns blazing science fiction war film. The film is set in modern-day Los Angeles and follows Aaron Eckhart perhaps best known for playing Harvey Dent in Batman as a retiring Marine Staff Sergeant slapping on his helmet to lead a platoon of Green U.S. Marines, during an alien invasion.

Surely the nasty aliens don't always land in the US first?
So what's good for Los Angeles is good for any City in the world?
Why not any former eastern block city, say Grozny?
Ok no palm trees.

Before you know it, I had clicked purchase and am know waiting for the postman to deliver me a bunch of Alien Invaders.

Curse you Wargames Butterfly.


  1. Battle Of LA is a great military sci-fi. And in the Fluff peace of the film apparently the aliens where hitting all major Port and Ocean side cities around the glob. So St. Petersburg would not be far off, or Sevastopol.

    1. Justification if ever it were needed CM.

  2. Great idea ...on a similar theme I have been looking for something different for my American 15mm army to fight......but I'm holding off 😀

  3. Funnily enough I watched both films last week and they both have plenty of inspiration for my Horizon Wars forces.

    1. It's a sign Steve.... Plenty of Sci-fi action this year thinking of ditching Derby for Blastastic this year.

  4. The mention of this project by you Stuart -reminds me of the theme of a Movie I once watched in transit on a flight from Amsterdam to Singapore- regarding Robots that were with an LA Police Force- gangsters captured one of the Robots and programmed him to be a gangster too..it was all a bit far fetched- though very convincing special effects. Good luck with your NEW Alien adventure. Regards. KEV.

    1. That will take some internet searching Kev.