Saturday, January 14, 2017

Armée d'Orient - French Uniforms.

I am simply to easily distracted to paint 000's of figures for Regiment after Regiment of Napoleonic’s which is why Sharp Practice appeals so much, once you have your core force complete your support elements can be made of a vast number of troops types, which means that I get to choose what I paint next.

From my earlier post you will recall I based my core force from a plate from a company producing flats called Glorious Empires.
You can find them here.

There catalogue provides a comprehensive uniform guide and some great ideas for the next support elements for the French Egyptian campaign.

Some many choices so little time - Next up the little Corporal himself....

Grenadier with sun shield
Foot Guide
The Coptic Legion
The Greek Legion
Marine Infantry
The Maltese Legion

French Office
French Marine Infantry
French Aide de Camp
Dromadairy Corps, trooper, campaign uniform
Camel Corp 1

Dromadairy Corps, Officer campaign dress
Camel Corp 2