Sunday, September 24, 2017

Haitian Insurgent Leaders.

Posts are coming think and fast at the moment.
With the release of Northstar's Congregation, The Bokor, the Mambo, and the Houngan make for great Haitian Insurgent Leaders. Wonderful figures and a pleasure to paint.

Hyacinthe was a leader in the Western Province and carried a talisman made of horse hair into battle so I guess a snake is not so far away. The female casting makes for a great representation of the young slave leader, I have given her a republic sash to show her revolutionary tendances.

When insurgent leaders were killed, ceremonies were held in their honour. One insurgent leader was buried by the troops that defeated him. But later "the negroes took him up and buried him again with great pomp"

Let's just they last a little longer on the table than in real life.


  1. Great use of these figures! I love the chap holding up the carrot and leg of lamb - is he the chef, announcing what the troops are having for tea? [just kidding :) ]

  2. I did not spot that, but looking at him now - There is definately a sunday lunch feel to him.
    I need to change the paint job, perhaps a Green stuff apron.... :-)

    1. Got me to thinking about the book/tv show Sharpe's Enemy, and the character among the deserter army who was joint in command and also the chief cook. Can't remember the character's name, I did a wiki search on the book and I think this is the chap "Pot-au-Feu aka Sergeant Deron, as Marshal Soult's cook".

    2. Just found my cooking pot for the Elizabethan Zombie project, that could be being pressed into service.

  3. Dynamic poses ans great job!

  4. Ooh, sorry for missing this post earlier, Stu. Amazing looking characters. First thing made me think of the Bond flick Live and Let Die :)

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