Saturday, December 16, 2017

Haitian Reinforcements - No Porkies

Finally another 6 Infantry limp off the paint table together with a much needed Big Man.
These should serve to flesh out the units bringing each up 8 figures rather than the 6 currently in play.

The Big Man is from Trent Minatures Insurgent pack and makes for a prefect low level leader, bare chested with his tunic open, cocking a pistol.

I also finished a couple of extra shock markers or loot tokens these were made up of a pack of pigs from Warbases animal range, which I figured they fitted in with the general feel for the period. There are several accounts of religious ceremonies being conducted before the slaves/insurgents went into battle.

Antoine Dalmas who wrote about Bois-Caiman at the time states that a "kind of celebration or sacrifice" was held, in which "The religious ceremonies that the blacks practiced in slitting the pigs throat" he continued "the eagerness with which they drank its blood, the value in which they placed on progressing some of its hairs - a kind of taliman that, according to them, would make them invulnerable"

It feels like the perfect reason to paint them up and perhaps even some special rules for units who have drunk pigs blood?


  1. Beautiful additions, well done!

  2. Top stuff. Don't think I'd be asking for pig hairs in my black pudding though!

  3. Fantastic project. I came here looking for Ghost Archipelago inspirations and have now embarked a new era. Thanks. Which pack does the Big Man come from? I can't seem to find any Trent packs marked insurgents