Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wyvern Wargamers - Woodville Campaign - Battle 1- The Town of Pointington.

Sunday night saw the opening salvo in the Wyvern Wargamers - Woodville ACW Campaign.
With the Union Command advancing on the town of Pointington.

With initiative in hand the Union Players selected a flank attack on the town hoping to catch the Confederate Players on the hop. The terrain was laid out and the Union player was tasked with advancing through light farm land to seize the Reb's camp (bottom right) and win the game.

As intelligence was passed to the Union High command it soon became apparent that this was no isolated detachment judging by the number of flags entered into the bag on turn one. This could still be a bluff, so the first Union formation deployed on the road to Pointington only to be faced off by almost double their number as the tiffin chit was pulled.

With some early successes and the chits falling in their favour the Union players set about pouring fire into the first Confederate formations, Union skirmishers crept forward through the cornfields to close with the enemy firing line, kills were few. Meanwhile more and more Confederates filled the table, including artillery and skirmishers creeping around the Union flanks. This was definately no outpost.

The weight of fire landing on the Union formations from both front and flank was starting to tell, shock increased and then the formation split, then stumbled backwards, yet still the lead rained down.

The Union forces fell back their force morale dropping rapidly to zero leaving the field to the defenders.

As the afternoon sun rose, both sides reviewed their losses.
The initiative had switched to the Confederates, the difference in force morale mean't that the losses on the Reb's side were replaced, infact a number of the Union skirmishers surrounded in the farm house decided to switch sides as their officer was marched into captivity.

Picking through the battlefield litter, the Confederate command increased their supplies whilst the Union player  was forces to abandon several sacks of supplies.

The Union players saw 6 of their number dead, with 3 others captured, together with an Officer. The wounded (4) were loaded on to a wagon 'liberated' from a local farm and taken back to the aid station for treatment.

Both sides had seen the elephant - No what would happen next...


  1. Blimey, that was a bit of a shock for the Union chaps, facing all those damned Yankees! Great to see the campaign kick off and looking forward to reading about the next game.

  2. Excellent stuff! Get those rebs ... get'em! ;-)

    1. Well it has set the tone for future encounters...

  3. Good looking up for the rebels

    1. It certainly was Matt. Let's see what the Reb's do next...