Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wyvern Wargamers - ACW Campaign - Opening Moves.

The Wyvern Wargamers - ACW Campaign is a go.
With forces drawn up and support points picked both commands set about giving orders for the first few days.
Days one and two pass without incident apart from the odd straggler wandering into camp or the loss of the occasional sack of grain, but on the morning of the third day reports come in to the Union field commanders that a body of troops have been spotted in the town of Pointington and they look like they are here to stay.

Lacking any further scouting reports the Union commander orders his troops out from their column of march and orders a Flank Attack on the Confederate position.

Both players set about pulling their various forces together as sunday night will see the opening skirmish in the Wyvern 'Woodville' Campaign.

Stay tuned for the first battle report.
Notes to players.
Following the terrain rules within the Too Fat Lardies Campaign Suppliment - Dawn and Departures.
The Union player has the initiative and selects the choice of Battle. I rolled for the terrain features and we have on the table the following principle terrain items as we are in a Town square.
Small Yard Orchard Orchard
Two Small Yards Two Small Buildings Small Yard

The defender on the night will place the first item followed by the attacker until all 6 items are placed, the defender can then move one single item upto 36", the attcker will then the do the same.
Then for fairness I the umpire will add the roads and various other terrain to flesh out  the table.
In my view the table should reflect the outskirts of Pointington and the buildings should be of a rural nature - farm house, sheds and barns. Any roads or tracks running through the terrain should run from top to bottom.


  1. Really looking forward to following this Stu. It also reminds me that I should buy the D&D supplement.

    1. This is the year of campaigns Steve - it would be nice to actually finish a campaign for a change.

    2. That's my aim too Stu, to fit in some manageable campaigns. I've ordered and received the D&D pdf, so am keen to try it out soon.