Saturday, January 06, 2018

2017 A year in review.

Some what belated but I guess that's the problem with a weekend in between Christmas and New Year and limited time off, I thought I would look back over the past 12 months and review the progress of the projects undertaken and give some thought to the the year ahead.

When I consider the plans that I had for the year I am pretty pleased with the output, I looked back at my notes and had three projects ear marked for the year ahead.

Napoleon in Egypt - Sharp Practice 2
I finished the core French force of French Infantry together with a section of Coptics but never got round to the cavalry, however with the Perry Twins producing a number of new releases including cavalry perhaps 2018 could be the year?

Haiti Revolution - Sharp Practice 2
I surprised myself with just how much of these project left the paint table and marched on to the table top, I managed to complete a full force representing the Slave Army and the bulk of a free Peoples/Haitian force, they have yet to win a game when facing off against the Brits or the French but all of the games have been real fun. With some Christmas purchases tucked away plenty more to come this year.


Warlords of Atlantis - Cutlass!
Hhhmmm I did complete the core Pirate and Marine forces but struggled to give this project much game tim, perhaps with the release of Ghost Archipelago the Black Powder/Pulp Cross over will see this landing a little more firmly. It definately potential and with the native Indians painted up and the odd Sea Creature. I just need to spend some time pulling the formal background together and building the forces in GA. I just need that spark to get going on this.

As was the case with 2016 the year started so well, but time in front of the brushes fell away badly in the second part of the year, I blame the change in job, I had so hoped for gardening leave, so to did the wife, however our ideas for a "to do" list looked very different...
I am yet to beat the 2015 tool of in excess of 300 mini's but last years efforts was just shy of 200 foot figures not to shabby.

So what about the year ahead?
The Haitian Project will continue to expand, the most recent encounters have demonstrated the need for a few more Big Men for the Slave Forces, I have a couple of battalions of French which need painting up and have plans for cavalry and Artillery together with supporting characters.

Ghost Archipelago the first outing was fun, I will probably look to pull together a couple of standard force rosters for the Pirate and Marines before I crack on with the Northstar Crewmen. I was thinking more along the lines of lost crews from across various time lines crashing together with a sprinkly of magic for some crews... besides I need to find a way of using my crabs some how.

RJW for Sharp Practice 2, we have been playing a lot of SP2 lately and whilst designed for the period upto circa 1865 could it be pushed beyond that to 1905? With some new releases out from Tsuba including cavalry on the way for the Russians it could be the perfect excuse to increase the numbers on both sides.

Outside of that there are plenty of items hiding in the draw of shame, a 15mm Russian village, 28mm Modern Africans and some extra ACW troops... plenty to keep me going without the various distractions that are bound to come along.

New Paints
180 Foot Figures, 3 Cavalry Figures, 2 Fu Dogs, 3 Crabs, 8 Car Wrecks, 1 Ammo Cart, 16 Movement Trays, 5 Space Fighters, 7 Shock Markers, 8 Earthworks.


New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
28 French Infantry - Perry Miniatures.
3 French Officers - Brigade Games
New - Black Powder Pulp/Fantasy 28mm
8 Royal Marines - Black Scorpion Miniatures
11Pirates/Gentlemen - Black Scorpion Miniatures
1 Highwayman - Black Scorpion Miniatures

FebruaryNew - Chinese Fantasy 28mm
2 Fu Dogs - Watchful I Studio's 

2 Flame Throwers - Curtney Miniatures.
New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
5 French Artillery Crew - Brigade Games

MarchNew - Laserburn - Sci-fi
8 Car Wrecks

New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
2 French Maids - Front Rank Miniatures.
1 Ammo Cart.
2 Shock Markers.


New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
5 Shock Markers.
8 Coptic Legion Infantry - Perry Miniatures.
New Haitian Revolution - Sharp Practice 
24 Haitian Slaves/Maroons - Trent Miniatures


New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
5 Arab Engineers.
New - Amazon Indians 28mm - SOBH
10 Copplestone Indians. 
New Terrain
8 Earthworks


New Haitian Revolution - Sharp Practice 
12 Haitian Slaves/Maroons - Wargames Foundry
New - Napoleon in Egypt 28mm - Sharp Practice
18 movement Trays.


New Haitian Revolution - Sharp Practice 
6 Chasseurs De Saint Dominic - Trent Miniatures
6 Chasseurs Des Irois -Trent Miniatures
6 Movement Trays
New Russo-Jap War 

Russian Priest.

New Haitian Revolution - Sharp Practice 
8 Free People Infantry - Trent Miniatures
2 Haitian Officers - Trent Miniatures
New - Atlantis - 28mm - Cutlass!
2 Atlantians - Antediluvian miniatures
3 Crabs - Antediluvian miniatures

New Haitian Revolution - Sharp Practice 
23 Freed Slaves - Trent Miniatures
10 Free People Infantry - Trent Miniatures
3 Haitian Slave Big Men - North Star
1 Mounted Officer - Trent Miniatures
10 Movement Trays
Star Eagles - Space Fighters
4 Hawkmen Fighters
1 Ming Frigate.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil, I have found the blog very useful in keeping me honest and almost on track. Thanks for commenting throughout the year.

  2. You had a good year and I loved the SP2 AAR and realted forces. Keep up the good work in 2018!

    1. Happy New Year Steve.
      Should be plenty more on the Haitian Front in the coming month.

  3. You had very busy year, you painted quite a lot of figures and models during past year. Keep good job, sir!

  4. Stu, An impressive list of projects completed for 2017, and such posts can serve to encourage readers to also assess their efforts, and resolve for 2018,.........or lack of it lol.