Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ghost Archipelago - #2 Boiling Point.

Atmir was concerned, last week their were scattered reports of musket fire in the swamp lands to the north of Atlantis and now one of his guardians was missing, judging by the markings it looked like Terrorpids, but they had never ventured this close to the city before?
Atmir step off with his patrol to track down his missing guardian.

A three way battle to rescue the captive slowly coming to the boil, none of the players are sure who the victim is, but each are convinced that he is a member of their crew or patrol.
Each player places two treasure tokens and are tasked with securing the treasures and tipping over the pot, before it comes to the boil.

After last weeks encounter both Captain Masters of the Royal Marines and Captain O'Keefe and the crew of the Sun Chaser had retreated into the hinterland to regroup and take stock of the situation, where on earth were they?
The last thing they both remember was the naval engagement, the storm and then nothing, swashed ashore in land appearing on no maps or charts. 

Both knew there must be more of their crew ashore in the steaming jungle but where?
So they set off in search of other survivors.
Heading down the jungle track they blunder into one another, Masters reacts first and fires off a volley as the rival crews duck for cover and ready their pistols and muskets.

Menawhile in a clearing not far from the ongoing gun battle the Terrorpids, get ready for lunch.
Who know who they where or who created them... [thanks e-bay :-)] 
But they seemed unconcerned with the crash of muskets and dense smoke, as they watched lunch come to the boil.

Atmir drawn by the musket fire arrived on the table top, seeing a Terrorpid rush towards his patrol he orders his men to fire, but the musket balls had no impact on the hardened shell of the reptile.

Atmir grabbed the nearest treasure which only served to awaken more Terrorpids as the rushed from the jungle to enter the fray, clearly at this stage I was going nowhere and having little impact on the battle on the other side of the board.

The crew of the Sun Chaser continued to exchange fire with the Marines, with casualties on both sides but slowly the marines pressed their advantage and the privateers started to fall back.
Both sides had exhausted their blunderbuss rounds and their supply of grenades and smoke bombs.

The protracted firefight drew a number of Terrorpids from the guard posts, which only added to the confusion on the battlefield. The poor captive started to come to the boil.

On the far side of the battlefield Atmir was unable to extract himself from the increasing number of Terrorpids, as a Wave Warden he cast a Pool Spell to pin two of the reptiles, but they simply crawled out.

All three factions with treasure in hand, decided to leave our poor victim to his fate they grabbed their own treasures and headed off the table, leaving the Terrorpids to return to lunch.

A great encounter even if once again we had no outright winner.
The wandering monster rules, where the player with the lowest initiative places the creatures served to really mix up the game play and in effect stopped the game becoming 2v1.
The amended firing and melee rules felt alot better.

Next up Crustacean Graveyard.


  1. Great looking game and full of action. I really like the look of the Terrapids. Glad that the tweaked firing and melee rules worked better.

    1. Thanks Steve.
      I have no ideas who makes them - An ebay purchase :-)

    2. Are they metal or plastic? Eureka makes these but I can't quite tell from the picture if they are the same --

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, it does give you a chance to dust off those figures that never see the light of day.