Saturday, June 23, 2018

Uncharted Seas - Dwarf vs Orc

The curse of newly painted figures strikes again...
Having rushed the new fleet into action and with a shiny new Flagship I was feeling pretty confident for last Sunday's Uncharted Seas encounter. We pointed up the ships in our various fleets and the Orcs had enough to face off against the combined good and bad Dwarves...

I found myself entering the table with Dwarf allies to my right and the Orc fleet to my left.

Dane had certainly been busy since we had last played with plenty of capital ships and some pretty huge destroyers, all armed with front facing cannon.

Paul's Dwarf fleet steaming into action, but would they been fast enough to bail me out?

True to form the Orcs were soon charging into action, heading straight for my Flagship, armed with broadsides and turrets the Shroud Mage Flagship was soon knocking chunks out of the destroyers, who struggled to amass enough hits to cause any major damage.

Throw in some Frigates and the main Battleship who dropped anchor to fire a further broadside and I was feel pretty confident. Some might say a touch cocky....

As the main Dwarf fleet came into action, I formed my Cruisers into a firing line and set off aiming for the mass of Orc ships... It's here the fun stops... 

The lead Cruiser who had yet to fire a shot took a Critical hit blowing up!!!!!
The explosion damaged all the ships around it, causing major damage to two others Cruisers, fixing the rudder on the battleship who now could only head forwards.
Out of shot and in the same turn a badly damaged Orc Destroyer blew up, taking two of my Frigates with it...

Without support the Flagship found itself between numerous green boats and was soon turned to match wood as the hits mounted up...

None of the new ships lasted the night. The curse of newly painted minitures had struck again.

It was however a great game and nice to get the toys back on the table after quite a while.


  1. Nice game, better luck next go round!

  2. Awesome stuff. I'll be playing Firestorm Armada later today with some ships that have never seen battle since being painted. I wonder what the statute of limitations on the "fresh paint curse" is? They've been in storage since last September.

    1. Ski I guess you might be right - Sounds like an excuse to give them a try.

  3. Lovely looking game and hope they perform better in their next outing.

  4. Cracking looking game. Nice report mate!