Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday paint desk - More from the cupboard of shame.

Next time I travel to a wargames show I am going on my own.... :-)

You know what's it like when you get to a certain age you start to talk about gaming systems of the past and fun encounters, you all admit 'I still have some of those' and so it begins.

In our case it was Uncharted Seas.... A fantasy fleet action in the age of Sail and Steam.
So this Sunday at the Wyverns see's us dusting off our fleets...

Whilst hunting these down I found a couple of extra's which never made it to the paint table, perfect for a weekend project to clear more from the cupboard of shame.

When I picked these up I have no idea, perhaps 6 years ago. The expanded fleet for the Shroud Mages and some Peter Pig ACW extra's for convoys and transports. 

Perfect as the weekend project to get them on the table for tomorrow night.