Monday, August 27, 2018

Bank holiday round up.

I had great plans for this weekend in terms of painting and an attempt to clear some of the items which have been languishing on painting table for a few weeks, but the wargaming gods were against me and I only managed to grab a few hours early in the morning before the clan awoke.

I finished the first tester for the Haitian Colonial Dragoons, the unit were said to be equiped with all-green jackets and green housing and saddles etc.
The Trent horses feel a little on the large side,  but I have been used to Perry's offering in recent years, they should be fine once flocked and the static grass added.
I do dislike painting cavalry and was not that convinced by the green jacket colour and needed to complete one to see what the whole would look like once the wash was applied.

He is growing on me.
Let's see how a unit of dragoons does to help keep the slave army at bay. The clock is ticking as they are needed on the table next Sunday.

In the absence of any serious painting I did manage to complete another batch of warbase movement trays, I have tried several over the years and warbases are still the best.

On the gaming front I had a run through of Vikings 878.
Playing the part of the English I had to defend the kingdoms from the rampaging Vikings.
The Viking come on in waves which can feel rather over whelming, but with the support of the locals and calling up the Fyrds you can stem the invasion until you run out of cards. :-(

We only played with 2 players but I can see how 4 would be fun.
Whilst I lost due to not holding enough cities after the 4th Viking wave and their berserkers ran roit in the Midlands, it did not feel like a loss in fact the turn before I felt I was on the verge of a herioc victory having struck down three Viking leaders with my Housecarls.
A fun game and a great way to spend an evening.

Having tried to keep spending down in recent months, focuing on painting the backlog, a couple of annoncements lead me to raid the paypal account.
Firstly the Warlord Summer Sale - Some great savings, more on that in future posts.

TSS have announced they are putting their system tile system up for sale, in recent years there has been a trend back to cloths, they are blocks are great pieces of kit but storage was always a problem.
In any event their flock is some of the best on the market so I ordered several bags just in case they can't find a buyer.

Image result for

I was sent a link from a good friend of mine on ebay for the following Shroud Mages Submarines.
A pretty poor paint job, but it won't take much to match them up to my current fleet.
Besides the way I have played of late everything seems to be on the ocean floor.

I also put a further order into Arcane for more Trent Haitians after seeing the latest releases and completion of the plantation house. The French definately need more reinforcements to defend against the Slave Armies.

Finally it looks like Star Eagles is edging forwards with an update from Andrea that the tokens are almost ready, this are being produced by LITKO and look pretty good.
Good job the Flash Gordon toys only come out of the box every so often, this kickstarter is so far behind now, I would be pretty cross if I had backed it and was still waiting for the resin fighters.

Let's see what the postie brings next week.