Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Just nipping down the call box" - AVBCW Scenario.

"Just nipping down the call box". - Words my kids will never say..... I must be getting old.
A couple of pics from a recent British Civil War outing.

Sometimes you can make scenarios over complicated. For me AVBCW lends itself to the simplest of games, besides its been a while since these figures have graced the table.

Both the local revolutionaries and bobbies have on encountering each other decided reinforcements are needed and rush to capture the phone box and dial the switich board operator for more men, they can't destroy it as to do so would lose the support of the local townsfolk so must drive each other away from the objective.

Yes there is still a working phone in this one.

Members of the local working mens club rally round their standard and move on to the table, we were using Combat Zone again, the workers had more men and were better armed, but were green and untested.

The Police were split into two fire teams were of average quality and were only armed with pistols and the occasional rifle. Their improved training and split groups gave them the first move and they were able to make the most of it, moving up to the cross roads they could see the phone boxes, but little else.

What the working men failed to realise is being green simply being shot at can make you lose your bottle and slink off for tea. The MMG bravely brandished by one of the gang, was the first to run away as the opening shots rang out.

Their would be no revolution in the shire today, long range weapons are of little use house clearing and with several of their number ducking back the police with club and pistol in hand together with an extra action each sent the part time marxists running for home.

Next time more groups and better quality is the order of the day.
But a fun 1930's feel to it.


  1. Nice to see an AVBCW outing again. I must admit I do like this 'period' as you can use any toys you want on the table:)

    1. You certainly can Steve, I was looking through some of the 'Stuff' in the box and have an itch to play a few more encounters in the months ahead.

  2. Looks like a fun game and I agree that sometimes the simplest scenarios produce the best games!

  3. Just nipping down the call box. I love it. Love the scenario. I love the commies were routed!

    1. The rules are rather unforgiving for poor quality troops.

  4. Great looking game and of course, the phone box. Stunning!

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