Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday evening round up.

No pressure, but Hammerhead is less than a month away on the 2nd March.

I committed to putting on a Haitian game several months ago but it's only today when I got the mail that it dawned on me how close it is.
Hammerhead is my favourite show of the year, there is always a great buzz about the show, I think it is the fact that everyone puts on a participation game which means that gamers come ready to talk to one another rather than rushing round and picking up orders.

I have an idea for a game but just need to tweak the mechanics to allow for a quick turnaround of games and players, I also need some extra troops for the game so I best put my foot down on the painting front.
If you are around on the Saturday come and stop by.

I managed to get a further Slave unit complete this week, armed with stakes, knives and swords they are great in the first round and then not so good after that, but only 3 points in Sharp Practice they can make quite an impact on the table top if you can get them to close.

The standard is the silhouette of an african's head, I remember pulling it off a web page several months ago claiming to be a flag of the revolution, but can't find the point of reference now, but it does fit the feel for the period.

Meanwhile as if this was not enough pressure Saturday 23rd February see's the Wyvern Wargamers host our annual Saga outing, there are still places available if you are interested.
Chris runs a great event and we still have a few places available.

You can find details on our home page.

Finally two years ago I backed the Star Eagle Rules from Ganesha Games on Kickstarter, this is a table top space fighter game I have recieved PDF updates over the months which have enables me to put on a couple of good Flash Gordon games, including Hammerhead last year.
Well Saturday morning the rules and templates finally arrived. They are very good with high quality event cards and templates for movement and markers but two years!

This will have to wait for now.. As the last thing I need is a distraction from the Hammerhead project.


  1. Good luck with the painting Stu - will look forward to seeing your report on the days activities once they have come to pass!

  2. Best of luck Stuart, I am sure that it will be a great success.

  3. I'll see you at H/head Stuart- might even take part in your game

    1. Thanks Phil, you are more than welcome.