Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Ghost Archipelago - #6 All creatures great and small.

Yet another outing in the Ghost Archipelago.
It was an opportunity to give the new swamp mat from Deep Cut Studio a try. It looks pretty good to give that murky swampy feel, although I still have reservations when it comes to representing hills etc.

The objective was a simple one, race to the tower, avoid the dinosaurs, run up the stairs, kill king kong and escape the table.

The Pirates had clearly not forgotten the accidental shooting in the previous game and came rushing for my Atlantians. OK I may have accidently shot one of them again but I did not expect them to all coming charging after me.

They were seriously cross with my peace loving Atlantians, throwing grenades and bad language at me for the whole game.

Meanwhile the Marines unhindered by the blood feud defeated the local wild life and marched off with the treasure. Even sending their trusty warhound to run off with a bone (attached to a zombie.)

Everytime that flaming monkey beat his chest another member of the local wildlife appeared to nibble at the various crews, not helped by the Marines new addition who had acquired the ability to summon animals which he took great pleasure in showing off his party trick.

I swear everyone was trying to make me open every box in the garage looking for weird ceatures and oddities for us to fight. Witches, Dinosaurs, Wasps and Crabs graced the table.
Most of the time they appearing just as players were limping off the table or were carrying handfuls of treasure.

As the Marines watched from the side lines with their fistfuls of gold and gems, the curse of newly painted figures struck again and my Heritor was taken out by the Pirates. The Atlantians without a leader but protected by a damp mist were beaten and took their treasure and ran.

Another fun evening...
Next up the start of the Lost Colossus Campaign, Snakemen and more Dinosaurs, I best start looking in various boxes now. I know I have something like a Snakeman somewhere.


  1. Brilliant! I got the same swamp mat, but went for the mousemat material - having seen the depth of colour on yours, I am thinking I may have made a mistake!

    1. The colour and detail is great, it might force me to now base up the terrain, so much to do, so little time.
      Thanks for commenting Michael.

  2. Typo's fixed... got a little carried away chaps... :-)

  3. That's a cracking game Stu and some weired and wonderful beasties to fight. The new mat looks great too:).

  4. Looks like another fun game Stu - I had two or three goes at the original Frostgrave and found it fun too but have not played it for some time....

    1. The campaign play is making the guys want to keep on playing..
      It's certainly been value for money, although the resin figures are starting to get a little bit damaged compared to their metal counter parts, the bayonets just don't stand up to multiple use very well :-(