Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Two - 2nd August 1791

Day two 2nd August draws to a close and intentions are starting to become a little clearer as the direction of travel for many is revealed.
A key to our leading factions.
  • British – Thomas Maitland – RED 
  • French Royalist/Planters – Viscount de Blanchelande – WHITE
  • French Republican – Léger-Félicité Sonthonax – BLUE
  • Spanish – Joaquín Moreno - YELLOW
  • Mulatto – André Rigaud – BLACK
  • Ex-Slaves - Dutty Boukman – ORANGE
  • Ex-Slaves – Georges Biassou – PURPLE
  • Ex - Slaves - Princess  Amethyste - PINK
  • Haitian Loyalists - Toussaint Louverture – GREEN 
  • Mulotto - Henri Chrstophe - BROWN
  • Haitian Loyalists - Jean-Jacques Dessalines – GOLD
The movement for some is still painfully slow as they attempt to march over the tough interior of Saint Dominque. It's multiple ridges make movement in the August heat slow to a snails pace.
Image result for massif du nord haiti
The foothills and full of deep ravines, gorges and rivers making progress slow.  The alternative is very often a winding detour which takes you out of your way, but at least allows for wagon and cannon to be moved.
Image result for haiti kenscoff
In a round up of Day Two.
Still not a shot fired in anger but factions are getting every closer to common objectives and scouting parties are only a days ride of one another.

The French Republic under Sonthonax and the Malutto command of Gen Rigaud are separated by a days march and the range of hills of Chaine de la Selle, they both edge along the coastline spreading their influence amongst the locals.
Sonthonax continues to send out his foraging parties pulling in supplies to Port Au Prince. 

Finding the going tough in the coastal regions the forces of Viscount de Blanchelande take to local row boats to avoid the dense terrain.
Dutty Boukman crosses the border into Loyalist territory, whilst the other slave forces of Princess Amethyste begins to feel the pressure sandwiches between Loyalist and Spanish forces. 

Meanwhile separated by the Massif Du Nord hill line Gen Toussaint Louverture continues to expand his areas of influence.
The main external colonial powers England and Spain remain static with their garrisons and troops watching the revolt unfold before making their move.
Random Events at the end of day two.
Cap Haitian is plaqued by rats. The Warehouses and Dock areas full of supplies for the campaigning season see's rats getting in amongst the grain resulting in the loss of 1 whole sack for the turn ahead.

In the West a cloud burst dampens the British Garrisons powder supplies which will see them having to draw on reserve stocks whilst they dry out the regular supply which is sure to impact their battlefield performance tomorrow. Good job there are no battles pending.
In a slight change to the campaign rules factions who garrison a town without a significant leader for more than a turn now see these commanders markers drop off the map, this makes it harder for the opposing sides to see where troop concentrations are, but as soon as units move they reappear again.
Standby for further dispatches from the front.


  1. All moving along nicely and look forward to the next instalment:)

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