Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Dispatches from the Front VIII

April was a good month with two projects cleared in one go.
May sees a return to the Elizabethan Project with a plan to complete the English forces and some new evil elements entering the campaign.

As we all know a project is never complete, so why not compliment the new infantry with some extra terrain, I ordered a number of new buildings from Iron Clad Miniatures to bolster the Stickler Campaign. They took a little longer than usual arrive due to the new working practices but will fit both the WW2 campaign and my Chechen War stuff.

Two small ruins these should fit in with the other bombed damaged buildings. They come with some additional flooring to make a second storey.

The log bunker is suitable for a number of periods and comes with two firing slits and a detachable roof, a number of the scenarios in Platoon Forward call for bunker clearance or an OP, so I am sure it will get some use in the next couple of weeks.

When they said a large Russian barn they weren't kidding.... I doubt I will be putting the barn and the ruin next to each other on the table top.

Finally a small Russian church enough for a small family and a church mouse. I will base this piece up to give it some texture on the table top. I suspect these should be gaming table ready in a couple of weeks.

The diplomacy campaign continues to keep the club talking I have had a couple of good turns and the Turkish empire continues to expand with new provinces in Russia and the Mediterranean 

We have been trying to give Standard Games - Cry Havoc/Outremer a run out over facetime with both players having the maps deployed, it was a bit of a bugger setting up the maps as our collective eye sight has failed over the years and it was hard to recognise Fulk vs Giles, but played reasonably well if only the Wi-Fi would hold up.

Another potential distraction?
Every couple of years the conversation turns to turning this to a miniatures game.
And with Footsore's Caliphate range back in stock. Hhhhhmm….

Competition time, I was packing away the new reinforcements for the South Koreans and the new M60's when I noticed that the rear guard rail is slightly smaller on one of them. Answers on a postcode if you an identify the different class ?
(Sorry no actual prizes..)

This looks interesting. I quite liked the idea of the Drowned Earth perhaps my Atlanians will have another excuse to entire the table, besides co-op/solo dinosaur hunting? - I mean what's not to like.

Up next Spanish reinforcements and a return to Elizabethan England.


  1. I like the look of those buildings Stuart are they 3D prints?

  2. Lots of interesting stuff going on 👍 we wargamers might look back on lockdown with some fondness if it wasn’t for all the other rubbish happening

    1. Very true.... I worry about how I am ever going to fit the pub and work back in :-)

  3. Good stuff Stu....I am looking forward to seeing more of your Elizabethan troops.

  4. Nice new projects and gaming, Stu I do like the Russian church.