Sunday, February 13, 2022

Go Sharp into the Desert - Lard Magazine 2021- Part 2 Disaster in the Desert

How quickly the fortunes of war can change.

The next part of the Sudan campaign see's Sir Dartington Crystal crossing the Desert to reach the waiting steamer and safe passage for Mcready. But Dinna Munni is out for revenge.

Starting at the top of the table it was a long hot march, much of the British force was intact from the previous encounter, but the Dervish commander was now wary of the British fire power and had a few ideas of his own. 

Enemy scouts rushed for the river and the lightly defended steamer but are quickly sent packing by the naval brigade with a volley or two.

Meanwhile Dartington's column makes steady progress along the table, with flank companies deployed awaiting the approach of any enemy troops, apart from the occasional gaggle of enemy riflemen all was going to plan.

The trap is sprung and masses of enemy troops rush forward from the left flank, the Imperial troops peel off and make ready for the rush of enemy spearmen.

Thousands of them and might angry. (the fervour dice work really well to protect them from the high levels of shock and keep them moving).

Dartington orders his men into an arrow head as the Dervish start to expand and advance towards the firing line.

Meanwhile on the right flank yet more riflemen make their presence felt, they had learnt from the previous encounter and instead of standing atop of the gulley would pop up fire off a shot and drop to ground, very annoying.

Despite pouring several volley's into the on rushing natives the British were unable to stop them closing and in a bloody affair the British slowly gave ground.

Dartington sensing the battle was not going his way, urged on the camels and made a break for it taking the priest with him, the Brits fell to a mass of spears and swords as the bloodied companies fell back.

The fleeing British now masked their own rear ranks, whilst others threw down helmets and kit and rushed head long for the steamer.

Dartington was panicked as fresh group of warriors burst through the battered British line and headed straight for the priests. 

Fortunately Dartington's own native troops were able to block the attackers, but poorly trained militia were no match for the experienced warriors who broke them in short order.

With enemy spearmen charging forwards, Dartington urged his camel on, leaving the McCready to his fate. Not the done thing but who would know his command was broken and the dust of battle masked his cowardly actions.

A fantastic game, the Dervish on mass are mighty difficult to stop unless you can pour enough fire into them and chop down some of the supporting groups. Dartington will have some explaining to do back at headquarters and the campaign is perfectly set up for the final outing as the British head back into the desert to recapture the troublesome priest.


  1. Excellent game Stuart. That Darlington sounds like a right royal rotter!

  2. Not a good day for the Empire Stu, and as Ray says, that bounder Darlington seems to be taking a leaf out of Harry Fkashmans playbook!

    1. Not going to lie Keith he is definitely shaping up to be that type of character.
      Let's see what round 3 brings

  3. Fun looking game but it didn’t go well for the Brits !

    1. Tell me about it.... Round 3 and a chance for revenge.