Saturday, April 23, 2022

Silver Bayonet Solo - Rise & Shrine.

A shrine deep in Manchuria, rumoured to hold the key to unspeakable power. The Russian faction have orders to secure the artefact and return it to high command. 

There is only one problem the shrine is surrounded by warriors of the past rising from their graves to protect the shrine.

As a solo mission I had the benefit of surveying the table and formulating a plan in advance, so half the section would enter on the right flank and distract the undead leaving the Kaptain and remainder to rush in from the left. The first couple of turns and the Infantry start their plan, drawing the cadavers across the paddy fields.

Bullets proved to be less than the perfect weapon it took several rounds to take down the dead and more of their number shuffled through the rice field.

With enough of the dead drawn towards the firing, the remaining troops broke cover and rushed towards the shrink, Egor swung his axes and felled one of the ancient guards.

All was going to plan with two of the five clues uncovered, Father Gregor was on his way to the main shrine when a new threat advanced on the party... Hopping over terrain.

On the left flank Mother Elizaveta had drawn a number of the guardians away from the firing line, but was being pursued by another hoping vampire.

Kaptain Silenski had a near miss when the first vampire clawed at him, but he was able to wound it with his silver blade.

With all clues uncovered. The section rushed passed the shambling husks.

Time for a sharp exit.

A succesful mission, a couple of light wounds but who wants to go head to head with two Vampires.

+1 XP 3 Markers, +1 XP Revenants killed, +1 XP 4 Soldiers off the table, +4 for escaping with the two artefacts Silver Lantern and the Jade Seal.


  1. A nice little solo game there Stu....the table looks fantastic too!

    1. Thanks Keith a fun game and well balanced rules.

  2. That is a lovely looking game again Stu.