Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saga Day 15th Sept - The 22 Day Challange

Having committed  to putting an Irish/Welsh Army for the SAGA Day on the 15th September it dawned upon me that with 22 days to go, a have a significant amount of painting to do if I am to complete everything for the project.

In order to give myself the necessary motivation I thought I would document my efforts over the next few weeks, lets just hope I can get the Wargaming/Work/ Life balance right......

And no one has any plans for me this bank holiday weekend. 

Having conducted a muster of what's still needed, I need to complete the following.

25 Foot Figures.
A mixture of Gallowgas and command figures, with a few shotte for good measure (not needed for the SAGA but part of the same colour scheme.)
6 Mounted Figures.
Additional Irish Cavalry from the old Vendal range.
3 Command Movement Trays.
Martin over at Warbases as created me some purpose built bases, more on that later.
2 Fields
I purchased the Perry Medieval fencing several months ago, seems like a good excuse to get them ready for the Saga Day.
If i can complete these I will have enough Irish for the Elizabethan Wars project and suitable variants for a 4-6 Pt SAGA Force.

All started with bare metal and still in their blisters this morning....

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