Monday, August 27, 2012

Wyvern Wargamers Saga Day - Close Day 20.

The close of day 20 and plenty of progress made 45% complete?
The mixed bag of Irish Commands, Missile troops and Calivermen are done.

I have added a couple of Byzantine standards, available from Little Big Man Studios these are not historically accurate for the Dark Age Irish, but I they will be good fit to mix with my Spanish Armada Project and portray the Catholic feel to the force.

Irish Standards, and assorted command figures, Gripping Beast, Crusader.

The Warbase Command Stands are finished, flocked and varnished to retain the scatter.
I am really pleased with these and can see them being used for some skirmish units as well, I have retained half a dozen or so to complete the exercise for my Egyptian project. 


Redoubt Scots painted up as Irish Rebels for the Elizabethan Wars.

Irish slingers to add to the Levy force for the SAGA Irish, figures from the Gripping Beast.

The Sgt Major Miniature Gallowgas are under way with a chain mail base coat, I hope to make progress on these during the week.

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