Friday, November 09, 2012

Elizabethan Zombie Wars - Dead Man's Hill

Last Sunday saw the continuation the occasional campaign games set in  England during the Black Death, unfortunately I forgot to take any photo's. however in true Blue Peter style here's one I prepared earlier....

The scenario is based upon a small Spanish outpost holed up in a village, barricaded to stop the undead hordes that sweep the land, every week potential victims are escorted to a large hill outside of town where they are left to the ravages of undead.

 The Spanish defenders drive off all comers for fear of letting the walking dead enter the town.


Meanwhile members of the Littleham trained band are on a scouting mission looking for survivors and supplies when they see the Catholic priests shackling the victims to their stocks.

The incessant chanting and bell ring brings the undead from their plague pits and shallow graves. break cover from the trees and head towards all members of the living regardless of race or religion.

Yet more victims sent to their certain death, under Spanish guard.

The undead set upon the train band, their fire arms let loose which only serve to attract more walkers craving for the flesh of the living.

Spanish cavalry join the fray fearing that they will be dragged down by the tide of the undead appearing from the numerous plague pits that surrounded the hill.

The noise from the continuing melee attract more of the undead, whilst the remaining Spanish defenders look on in silence.

The priests leave the scene and hope to flank the undead when they stubble upon a further plague pit, which breaks open and the priests and their escort are set upon  by the evil hordes. Their faith could not protect them from the walkers.

The melee on the hill continues, Spaniard fighting back to back with English man as they fight there way to the top of the hill.

The prisoners are set upon unable to defend themselves they fall victim to the tide of death sweeping the hill.

One of our heroes goes down in a mass of undead bodies.

The survivors flee the hill heading for the safety of the village the undead in slow pursuit.

Both games were played using a variant of LOTR's rules with tweaks from Pike Shot and Zombie, a few more adaptions are needed to ensure the right feel for games, such as exhaustion rules and chance cards, but given the numbers involved a conclusion in under 3 hours on the first outing will do for me.


  1. Superb! I thoroughly enjoy these posts; wonderful stuff.

  2. What an awesome and unique game. Very interesting and what a cool looking setup.


  3. Thanks guy's it has appeared to take on a life of it's own... :-)

    1. Stuart, can I ask why you have strayed from P&S&Z as a rule-set?


    2. Frank
      For the purposes of this game, speed and scale, P&S&Z has been great when you have 1 single figure each but I was after a bigger game with officers and heroes, a number of the players were newbies and I wanted to make sure the game followed quickly with all involved rather than me buried in a rule book for half the night:-) a number of the guy's had played LotR so it made sense play a rule set they were familiar with.

    3. Thanks Stuart - I thought as much. Have you any house rules for using LotR that you can share? Because of a certain blog I have been coaxed into buying some Mantic Zombies recently...


  4. Tremendous!
    Not tempted by mid-18th C. 'Lacepulp'?