Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wargaming Terrain - Marsh & Bog's

I have been on the hunt for several months for suitable terrain the for the bogs of Ireland, most of the commercial terrain available does not seem to have the depth and rugged feel I was looking for
I was close to having to make my own, having been given the idea by my good friend Paul over at
movealongnownothingtoseehere when a trip to Warfare seemed to solve my problem.

40 - TH45 - Marshy Area 24cm x 19cm Painted or unpainted

The guy's over at  magneticdisplays had the following Marshes and Ponds on their stand for the price of £6.00 a peice a little to plain for my liking but certainly the base for what I am looking for.

With the addition several clumps of Silfor Dark Reeds to break up some of the uniformity, these should be useful for several periods whilst fitting in with my existing terrain.


With release of SAGA's latest supplement The Raven's Shadow it these will certainly give my Irish the terrain advantage the battle boards seem to suggest.


  1. Your additions have given them a lot of "life". Well done. I like 'em a lot.

  2. You've done a nice job accenting those terrain pieces. Your Irish warband now looks quite at home. Well done and thanks for sharing!