Saturday, December 08, 2012

Wargaming the Texas War of Independence.

Remember the Alamo...

Planning for next year, I thought it was high time that I thinned some of the projects that never quite reached their painting goals and given the need to fund next year and the storage space needed for an ever increasing collection I thought I would see if I could find a new home for these miniature warriors.

One such project is the Texas War of Independence, it has some great wargames potential, loads of minor engagements, varied uniforms for both sides with a plenty of good quality casting readily available.

Unfortunately too many alternative projects which have jumped the queue so it's with regret that I shall be selling off my fledging forces, but it would be great if I could find a good home for them amongst other gamers.

A homage to what might have been....

Mexican Infantry one of the first units painted Figures from Artizan one of my favourite units that I ever painted, just not enough game time over the years and too many more are needed to complete the Alamo game that I had in mind.

Alamo Defenders another great bunch of castings, I do hope I don't regret this in years to come when somebody suggests a club project in 15/20/54mm .....

Mexican Cazadore Sharpshooters originally British Riflemen from Onslaught Miniatures, at the time there were few alternatives on the market and these seemed to do the job. Not for the purist but they have never let me down on the table.

Dismounted Cavalry originally Front Rank Bavarians (??) but at the time Boot Hill had not launched their range.


So if you're playing down in old Mexico you eventually have to want to have a bit of Zorro action so the man himself  Zorro - The masked Bandit....

Mexican Presidial Troopers to chase Zorro around the table including Sargent Garcia, just great, it's a shame they never got more than a couple of outings.

Mexican Civilians never a great fan of painting non functional stuff, but they do make the difference to the table top.

All of the above can be found on my e-bay profile

I do hope by posting these on here does not sever as a constant reminder of what might have been and I don't tempt myself back in to this period.
Saying that Blue Moon's 15mm do look very nice.........


  1. Thanks Pete, just need to make way for more shiny metal.

  2. These look superb Stuart, what a great project.