Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wargaming - Picking a period? - The Russo Japanese War

The recent cull and sell off got me thinking about what starts me off on a new period?
Ask anybody over at Wyvern Wargamers and they will tell you I am one for the odd or small wars but what causes you to start a new period?

Do you always require some interest or knowledge in a period/genre before collecting the figures, or is it a book, film or just the quality of some of the sculpts and paint jobs completed by fellow gamers?
What about other club members who have started a faction and you find the game mechanism fun?

Certainly my Elizabethan collection started out thanks to Foundry and some of their original sculpts aside from the Armada I new very little of the period, now thanks to those figures I am wading my way through an Irish Army for the Nine Years War albeit because I can also use the Irish Warbands to play with others at the club

The latest head turner has to be these from Tsuba Miniatures. A small but growing range but the figures and paint jobs are fantastic.
Markus has big plans for the period, which allows me to build up forces from the beginning of the figures range.

In this case I knew very little of the period outside of the large Naval engagements but the castings sold it to me....

At the same time I spotted these on the Lead Adventure Forum when I was reading a posting on the Boxer Rebellion, James from Oshiro Model Terrain announced his the start of Boxer Buildings in 28mm range.
James also has the start of an early Japanese range, which fit perfectly with Tsuba's Range.

All of sudden I was thinking back to some of the Great WW1 games and RCW games I had played over the years and more recently some of the great games using the Mud & Blood rule set from the Two Fat Lardies which has always been a popular rule set at the club and give a fast and fair game.

Next think you know I am the proud owner of several second hand books from Amazon on the period a collection of goodies from Markus and have drawn up plans for next years project is in the offing.

The perfect time to kick off a new project, it has to beat the usual Christmas offerings of Socks and Booze.....


  1. Tsuba do some very lovely figures sculpted by that genus Paul Hick's I believe. But I know what you me about small wars and I am hooked of the Jazz Age Imperialism figures at Empress, again by Messer Hicks, I just want more of the range before I jump in

    1. A would agree, I am big fan of his stuff my only concern is getting the table to look right, I can see the need for plenty of rocky out crops :-)



  2. These look wonderful Stuart and like you I always enjoy something a little different; best of luck with this new venture.