Sunday, December 23, 2012

Old Glory Boxer Rebellion - 15 minute make over.

Last weeks game and subsequent blog entry made me realise that the 15mm Boxers painted 10 years ago were in need of a make over, I was not looking for a major repaint just some freshening up.
Over the years my painting style has evolved with the use of inks and shades although the bulk of my armies and terrain are now 28mm, but these fella's were a labour of love built up over 8 years.
Times for a 15mm, 15 minute Boxer make over.

The original paint job had a Gloss varnish to protect them from game play and whilst they have suffered very few chips they are rather too shiny for my taste now.

I applied a Matt Varnish which gave them a better feel for the modern wargames table.

This did not give them the lived in feel I was looking for so I applied a liberal coating of Games Workshop Gryphonne Sepia ink wash and then highlighted the panels of the jackets in white where appropriate. Adding in Silfor Autumn tufts to the bases.

With the addition of the excellent Warbases - Zombie movement trays the re-vamp is complete, having completed the rule tweaks for Mud & Blood from the Too Fat Lardies for the Boxer Rebellion, I can see these getting a little more acrton in 2013.
Just the question of completing the exercise for the other 400 in the collection...


  1. Nice, I have 25mm Boxers needing refinished. The first ones I ever did. Love the movement trays.