Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elizabethan Wars - English Calivers

With the Spanish and Irish forces completed to a level that I can put on a viable scenario, I wanted to kick start the English Trained bands to go up against the Irish in the Plantation Wars, The Spanish in the Netherlands or an alternative universe where the Spanish land in England or the victims of the Black death rise from their graves.
These fit the bill on all counts. 


Technically there was little in the way of uniforms in the Elizabethan Army, but I wanted them to mix well up against the Spanish who I had applied a uniform approach to the painting scheme, there is a colour plate in the Osprey Armada book that has a figure in a similar colour scheme.

All Calivers and Musketmen from Foundry with an officer figure from Warlord Games.


  1. These look superb! I love what you've done with the uniforms and the way that they tie together.

  2. Nicely done indeed.


  3. Those turned out really well. I like the colors.

  4. Thanks chaps hopefully more to follow if I can sneak a few hours painting in over the holiday period. Merry Christmas all.

  5. Lovely job.
    Not sure if you're a facebook user, so I figured I would post a link to some of the assault groups new Tudor figures for their kickstarter project. If the Kerns and Gallowglas are as nice of these I'll be a very happy man

    1. I don't but thanks for the link, the artillery crew look great, this could be a great range.